To satisfy our insurance requirements we require you to provide the following documentation. 
1. Current Drivers Licence - If the licence is your current address then we only need 1 item from No 3 below and if the licence address is not your current address then we will require 2 items from the list in No 3 below. 

2. An 8 digit code from DVLA to allow us to access your information on-line when you arrive - This code is an alpha numeric code and must clearly indicate any upper and lower case characters. The code can be obtained from the DVLA website at  or Telephone 0300 790 6801

Providing your National Insurance Number prior to collection may speed up checkout if you have difficulty obtaining a code. 

3. A proof of address which has been posted through your letter box from an established institution in the last 3 months. 

    We can use a  BANK STATEMENT
                          CREDIT CARD STATEMENT 
                          MORTGAGE STATEMENT
                          PENSION STATEMENT
                          ELECTRIC BILL
                          GAS BILL
                          LANDLINE PHONE BILL
                          TV LICENCE
                          SOLICITOR LETTER
                          INLAND REVENUE LETTER
                          COUNCIL LETTERS OR TAX BILLS

  We cannot use  MOBILE PHONE BILLS
                          CAR TAX REMINDERS
                          ANYTHING WITH YOUR ADDRESS AND NO DATE  

Originals only please - No photocopies or prints taken off the internet. 
4. A signed bank card or credit card in the drivers name. Or a current passport.   

Non UK Citizens are required to produce a current passport from their country of origin.  

No refunds will be given if you fail to provide the above documentation.  

A deposit will be required to be taken from a bank or credit card in the drivers name. This is taken as a pre authorisation and will affect the funds in the account for 9 -10 working days depending on your bank.       

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